Cation Resin Lewatit Mono Plus S 108

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Lewatit MonoPlus S 108 

Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 is a strongly acidic, gel-type cation exchange resin in the Na-form with beads of uniform size (monodisperse) based an a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. Due to a special manufacturing process this resin type is extremely resistant to chemical, osmotic and mechanical stress. That leads to very low leachables even under critical conditions like higher temperatures, presence of oxidants (0 2, Fe-oxides) and external regeneration processes. Even at very short cycle times (one cycle = service + regeneration) the special ion exchange resin matrix leads to long life cycles in demineralization processes. The high total capacity results in high operating capacities with a very low ionic leakage and a very high regenerant utilization.

The extremely high monodispersity (uniformity coefficient: max. 1.05) and very low fines content of max. 0.1 % (< 0.4 mm) results in particularly low pressure losses paired with an efficient and cost optimized operation of demineralization plants.

Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 is especially suitable for:

» demineralization of water for industrial steam generation operated with co-current or modern counter-current systems like e.g. Lewatit WS System, Lewatit Liftbed System or Lewatit Rinsebed System

» polishing using the Lewatit Multistep System or a conventional mixed bed arrangement in combination with the following anion components: Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 MB, Lewatit® MonoPlus M 800, Lewatit® MonoPlus M 600, Lewatit ® MonoPlus MP 500, Lewatit® MonoPlus MP 800 and Lewatit® MonoPlus MP 600.

Lewatit® MonoPlus S 108 adds special features to the resin bed:

» high flow rates during regeneration and loading

» high operating capacity at low regenerant consumption» low rinse water requirement

» homogeneous throughput of regenerants, water and solutions, resulting in a homogeneous operating zone

» virtually linear pressure drop gradient across the entire bed depth, allowing operation with higher bed depths

» low TOC emission and high resistance to oxidative stress

» good separation of the components in mixed bed applications.

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