Clack Control Valves Automatic Filter And Softener

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09 May 2023
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Specification of Clack Control Valves Automatic Filter And Softener

Established since 1946, Clack Corporation, also known as Clack, is a leader with more than 65 years of experience in designing and making premium quality automatic controls for residential, commercial, industrial needs. As one of the oldest valves produced, Clack's expertise and innovation in automatic control valves is second to none. All Clack Automatic control valves are made in the US and are therefore more reliable, more durable and easier to service than other control valves

Unlike other competing control valves, the Clack Automatic control valve is designed with the benefit of diverting water treated through a salt water injector to a salt water tank. The unique design of using treated water for brine regeneration offers outstanding clean valve performance for years to come. Using treated water to regenerate brine also makes the injector really clean along with a clean salt water tank and fewer salt tablets. Thus, Clack automatic control valve users can enjoy greater cost savings on service costs during the life of the system.

The world famous WS1 series automatic control valve Clack was designed towards the end of the 1990s. From the start, the Cl1 WS1 series automatic control valves triggered a new era for water softening systems that were very efficient and highly speci fi ed. Until now, Clack has been constantly updating valve software and adding additional features every year to stay ahead of the competition

12 Useful Features of Clack Automatic Control Valves:

1. 5 year product warranty

2. Save time and grated efficiency

3. More durable because of salt water salt water technology and a double backwash feature

4. More reliable because of 3 regeneration modes

5. More cost-effective because: the system can be rebuilt by replacing all 5 parts (motor, circuit board, turbine meter, stack and piston) in 30 minutes, fewer parts, less using salt and water

6. More historical and diagnostic info storage

7. Up to 8 hours of backup power goes out through a coin lithium cell battery

8. A profitable and reliable DC drive

9. Self-diagnostic features through easy-to-identify codes

10. Programming that is user friendly with easy touch buttons

11. The 2nd default manual on the plate just in case the original manual is lost

12. Individual packaging for each system purchased

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