Ferrolite Tohkemy Filter MC/GC Series

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Specification of Ferrolite Tohkemy Filter MC/GC Series


The function of Ferrolite is to eliminate high levels of iron (Fe), the stench of iron, Manganese (Mn2 +), yellow in groundwater or PDAM water or mountain water. Ferrolite that we sell here is the brand of tohkemy corporation japan. Ferrolite MC-1 and MC-2 fall into the category of iron and manganese removal products in addition to the Birm brand, pyrolox. Ferrolite MC-1 measures 1-1.2mm (more expensive prices), Ferrolite MC-2 measures 0.6-0.7mm.

Here we explain about using ferrolite:

1) The iron content that can be overcome by ferrolite is a maximum of 20 ppm or less. while the Kmn04  (manganese) content is 15 ppm and the ph> 6.5. If it is not in accordance with the above conditions, it can be done pre-treatment by oxidation so that the iron content is below 20 ppm, setting the pH to above 6.5 etc.

2) The form of ferrolite granules has the advantage of being porous so that it easily absorbs iron and manganese and is very stable as a filter for both physical and chemical media

3) Sand material which has high quality silica and high silica content

4) The advantages of Ferrolite when operating:

                    • The time of media activation for the first trial is very easy and very fast

                    • Washing time is also very short compared to other filter media

                    • Except for special cases, there is generally no need for pre-treatment.

                    • Water speed can be 10-30 m3 / h where this is 2x the average speed of the filter generally

                    • Coagulant is not needed and this helps reduce costs

                    • In certain periods it must be washed and do not need to be regenerated with chemicals

Ferrolite mc-1 and mc-2 are very helpful for removing iron and manganese in your place.

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