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PT CAHAYA MEGA BUANA (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

We are PT.CAHAYA MEGA BUANA is engaged in supplying INDUSTRIAL FILTERS, RESIDENTIAL FILTERS AND WATER TREATMENT With more than 15 years experience, We are committed to continue to provide the best Prices, Services and Quality in every product we sell. Our products have been widely used in the company as follows: Food , Drinks, Chemicals, Oils, Oils, Power Plants, Steel, Aluminum, Cement, Paints, Soaps, Mines, Restaurants, Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels, Shipping, Waste Management, Ceramics, Kaolin, etc.

Menjadi perusahaan FILTER yang Unggul dalam Harga, Pelayanan dan Kualitas

Memberikan pelayan terbaik , Edukasi dan Solusi kepada setiap pelanggan Menghasilkan produk-produk filter yang Inovatif dan bermutu tinggi Handal, Profesional, Cepat dan Tepat Waktu

Jl. Kapuk Raya No 19 Jakarta Barat 11720 Jakarta Barat 11720
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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